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Made In Heaven FAQ

"How did Angela die?"

Stay tuned.

"Which of the wives can win in an arm wrestling match?"

Michelle, probably. She's more active, being a mom and all. But then, I just can't imagine either her or Angela arm wrestling.

"Will we see any other people brought back to life? Will we see any other psychic angel worker peoples?"

Second question, yes. First question...who knows?

"Where and what exactly is Gabe's birthmark?"

Heart-shaped birthmark on his bum. Only a select few know about it, including (of course) Angela.

"Is "A Brief History of Time" a real book?"

Yes, by Stephen Hawking. It's deep stuff, especially for a ten year old, and I think helps illustrate just how smart James is.

"Is Simon important to the story, or just to the part where Angela's in heaven?"

He'll show up again.

"What about John?"

Him too.

"If Miriam's a psychic, how come she didn't know it was Michelle and not Angela?"

Miriam's psychic vision is like flexing a muscle. When she first saw Michelle she hadn't flexed it, and was too busy being her super-friendly self to bother.

"Okay, are Angela, Michelle and Gabriel gonna have a menage-a-trois, and if not would you post a fanart of it?"

No, and you should be ashamed of yourself for asking. My family reads this comic, y'know. ( me around back. And come alone.)

"Who are in the photos on the wall in Gabriel and Michelle's bedroom?"

One is a photo of my grandparents on my mother's side, and the other is a photo of yours truely.

"How long have Michelle and Gabriel been married?"

About a month. They've been so busy with moving they haven't even had a honeymoon, the poor dears.

"Who's the receptionist in Heaven?"

No one special, really. Just a random agent. I liked her design when I drew her...maybe she'll show up again.

"Is it me, or did Angela's hair get longer as the series went on?"

Yeah, sorry about that. I had a good idea of how long I wanted her hair when I started the series, but kind of screwed up at first. I tried to work it into the series slowly, instead of making a big change all at once. Looking back, I wish I'd done the big change thing instead.

"What kind of car does the Sullivan family own?"

I think what I was going for was a combination of two cars I've owned. One was an 85 Buick Skyhawk, and the other was a 1990 Toyota Camry.

"What town and state does MIH take place in?"

No clue. Perhaps in the midwest, near where I grew up. It could be anywhere in America, really, and I never gave it much thought.

"Who's the bad man Miriam sees in her painful vision?"

Stay tuned.

"If there was an MIH movie, who would you pick for the lead roles?"

Ooh, good question. James Marsters instantly pops into my head to play Gabriel. *Maybe* Kristin Kreuk to play Angela, but she'd have to improve her acting skills first. A young Lea Thompson would do nicely as Michelle, but I think she's too old now. As for James, I'm thinking either David Dorfman or Rory Culkin. I'm honestly drawing a blank on the rest, but I'm open to suggestions!

"Are the characters based off of anyone, and if so, who are they?"

Gabriel is sort of a combination of myself and other cool guys I've met. Michelle is based very loosely on my mother. Angela is my idea of the ideal woman. James is a bit of myself from when I was his age, but also there's a real life James I knew in high school that acted just like him. Rebecca is just every energetic impulse I could cram into one character, with some heart and soul thrown in for good measure. There's no real life Miriam, but I wish there was. I'm not sure who she's based on. Richard is based on a guy I knew that always seemed to be full of himself, but was so good at what he does he had reason to be. David is based off a real life friend with the same name (they even look the same). Naomi has no basis, and is just creepy on her own. Simon and John are both based on my father. That's about it so far.

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