Made In Heaven

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Arts Page

This one is of Rebecca, staring up at the night sky and dreaming fantastic. I got a little fold-happy on her pants, but whatever.

This is a shot of James and Rebecca together. I guess you could call this a tribute to the anime Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, since the two main characters stand like this when they're about to teleport to another world. It just seemed like a very James and Rebecca thing to do, so I drew it.

Sad Angel
Angela, being sad. This seems to be a common theme with her. I guess coming back to life isn't something to laugh about. Don't worry, she's not always like this.

I gave my dad a cat for christmas once. She curled up on my lap one day, so I decided to sketch her. Here's the first sketch...

...the second...

...and the third.

Gabriel, looking all serious. I drew this at work one day, and i really liked how his face came out.

Angela, cute
Angela, dressed in a revealing middrift and underware. This one goes out to all the Angela fans. Don't say I never gave you anything.

Michelle, holding a flower. Perhaps a gift from Gabriel? I love how this one came out.

MIH Heart
This is the full-size version of the image that is on the main site. I love this thing to death. I swear, if I ever make tee-shirts, this is going on them ^_^.

Sexy Gabriel
A couple Gabriel fans have been...strongly requesting more art of him, so here ya go. Enjoy, ladies!

Gabriel and his guitar
Yep, Gabe plays the guitar. I love this picture, considering it's my first effort actually drawing a guitar.

Face 1
I decided to see if I could draw in a style a bit more complex than I have been. Three random faces were the result. Here's the first.

Face 2
Here's the second.

Face 3
Here's the third. I think I like this one the most, since this is a character for a completely different story I'm writing. I think his name is Sein, but that's a whole 'nother tale that doesn't take place in the MIH universe.

~MIH Fanart~

Love Triangle
This is MIH's very first fanart ever. It's by §tephen of The Legend of Ronin.Thank you, §tephen!

Angela Sketch
A cute pencil sketch of Angela by Heather-chan of Broken Glass. Thank you, Heather!

Jezebel Color Profile
A way awesome fanart of Jezebel by Amber. You rock, Amber!

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