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 Name: Gabriel Sullivan
Age: 27
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

  Likes: Video games (usually shoot-em-ups or racing games, occasionally RPGs or survival horror), movies (action-adventure, suspense, psychological thriller, horror, sci-fi), cartoons (usually anime), TV shows on the paranormal, comic books, art of all kinds, people who understand the artistic value of comic books, cartoons and video games, dogs, sports, and music (anything that sounds good).

 Dislikes: People telling him to "act his age" or "be mature", people who tell him "comic books/cartoons/ video games are just for kids", commercial television, bottled water, pushy salespeople, pretentious fashion fads, and "chick flicks".
 Gabriel is a freelance artist-for-hire, painting or sketching for money. He isn't the most mature of people. Even at 27, he still watches cartoons, plays video games, and prefers theme parks to romantic getaways. This laid back, carefree nature appears solid to others, but close friends and family know him to be a strong, caring individual, creative and thoughtful, and true to those he calls friends.

 Name: Angela Sullivan
Age: 21 at the time of her death
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: "Oh, you really shouldn't be asking me this..."
Hair: Black, highlighted with purple.
Eyes: Gray

 Likes: movies (romantic-comedy, psychological thriller, historical drama, sci-fi, kung-fu), fantasy novels and comic books, art of all kinds, people who understand life is fun, happy children, animals, and music (anything with passion).

 Dislikes: Rude people, people who treat life like a chore, ignorance, "beauty aides", greedy corporations, temper-tantrums, and teen angst.

 Gabriel's dead wife, returned to life by Heaven to be with her long-lost husband. A true beauty, Angela lives up to her name in every way. Gentle, almost malancholy, full of grace and compassion, it is no wonder Gabriel would love her so dearly. Her kindness often seems infinite, but can falter at times. It is a rarity to see her angry, and woe to those that drive her to such extremes.

 Name: Michelle Conroy Sullivan
Age: 28
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: "What're you, nuts?"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

 Likes: movies (romantic-comedy, mystery, drama, musical), historical novels, classic art, live shows, educational TV, people who appreciate all that medical science has done for humanity, and music (anything, so long as it's not too loud).

 Dislikes: People who play the victim, arrogance, pickpockets (she had a bad experience once), music that's too loud, movies and TV shows that are needlessly violent, "Reality TV", people who insist that "modern medical science hasn't done anything to make our lives better", and liars.

 Gabriel's current wife and mother of James and Rebecca. Strait-forward and no-nonsense, Michelle is a plain-jane, and she knows it. Seemingly undaunted and uncaring of her outward appearance, she prefers to work on her mind, not her body, having completed several years of medical school, currently on her way to becoming a full doctor. However, she does at times fret over her appearance, and can feel inferior to those others would call beautiful.

 Name: James Conroy
Age: 10
Height: 4' 0''
Weight: 50 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

 Likes: movies (foreign film, indie film, psychological thrillers), books on a wide variety of subjects, peace and quiet, some music (classical, instrumental), quiet people, smart people, people who know when to leave him alone.

 Dislikes: Noisy people, ignorant people, annoying people, stupid people, mindless people.

 Michelle's son. Short, skinny, and very very smart, James is your typical nerd. He prefers to read rather than watch TV, play chess rather than sports, and prefers to avoid people all together. All in all, he is a complete opposite of his twin sister Rebecca. A serious, blank-faced boy, James can often times appear cold and unfeeling. However, this mature exterior hides a little boy, one burdened with knowledge beyond his years.

 Name: Rebecca Conroy
Age: 10
Height: 4' 2''
Weight: 52 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown

 Likes: movies (feature-length cartoons, fantasy, anything really cute), books about cute things, animals of all kinds, nature, friendly people, happy people, and music (anything that's fun).

 Dislikes: Mean people, people who don't like cute things, people who hurt animals or other people, and spiders (ew! yuck! spiders!).

 Michelle's daughter. A very active little girl, she seems to have tapped a wellspring of youth that may never run dry. Kind and friendly, she loves people and enjoys making new friends. Rebecca is a bright child, and does well enough in school, but prefers to ponder life's less tangeble mysteries. While very different from her twin brother James, the two of them remain the best of friends.

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