Update for Wednesday, March 29

 Very sorry for no updates until now. I've been busy getting ready for the move, which was bumped up to today. The scanner problem still isn't fixed, and now I won't have internet for a few days after moving in. Does this mean there will be another six month hiatus? NO. I will return ASAP with new pages, you can count on it. Just check back in a couple weeks and things should be back to normal.

 Once again, I'm sorry for all this, but I assure you it came as much as a surprise to me as it does to you. Take care, and see you soon!

 Update for Monday, March 20

 I have come to the solid conclusion that computers and related components hate me.

 My scanner stopped working, so that means no page today. I've tried everything I can think of short of reinstalling the program, which I no longer have, and to no avail. I'll keep working on it and try to get it fixed ASAP, so please be patient while I figure this out.

 In the meantime, please enjoy this picture I drew and scanned last week of myself and my girlfriend Jannel, whom I shall be moving in with at the start of April! (More on that later) The picture is as realistic as I can draw, and was copied from a photograph, but overall I like it.

 Anyway, be sure to check back often, as I hope to have this problem solved soon.

 Update for Monday, March 13

 Edit: There, both pages, as promised! And I think they both turned out pretty well, don't you? I finally figured out how I want to draw Michelle's hair, though I think it'll be a while before I fully figure out those bangs.

 In other news, MIH has a new feature: It's very own forum message board! Replacing the now defunct guestbook, MIH fans can now discuss the comic and whatever else they'd like (while remaining polite and civil, thanks). The link is right where the guestbook link used to be, so check it out, and I hope to see you there!

 And that's about it. Hope you like the pages, and have a good week. See you next monday!

 Update for Monday, March 6 Tuesday, March 7.

 Yeah, sorry about that folks. My boss thought it'd be nice for me to work Saturday andSunday, the days I usually draw the comic, so that's why there were no pages yesterday. And since I didn't want to leave you empty handed I figured I'd post at least one page. It's not as complicated as I would have liked, but it'll do I think.

 Sorry again, folks. But stay tuned, since this coming Monday's post will (hopefully) more than make up for it!

 Update for Monday, February 27.

 Edited Update:

 Okay folks, here ya go, both pages together. I also redid the text for this page, because otherwise Ludd showing up in the last panel wouldn't make any sense.

 Some further good news: It seems Jezebel already has a fan, and so I get fanart, sent in by the way talented Amber! Be sure to check out The Arts Page to see for yourself.

 And last but not least, it seems Bravenet has closed down my guestbook, so that's gone for good. But that's okay, no one was signing it anyway. I guess I'll just have to wait for all that fan mail that's never going to come, or something (hint, hint).

 And that's about it, folks. Have a good week, and see you Monday!

 Update for Monday, February 20.

 Sorry folks, only one page today, mostly due to the fact I've been looking for a new job this past week, seeing as how I'm currently unemployed. Don't worry, two pages next monday for sure! Enjoy!

 Update for Monday, February 13.

 Very sorry for not having the pages up earlier. But I say so long as they get posted before midnight it still counts!

 Anyway, new characters abound! And all of them suspicious and shadowy (muah ha ha). Enjoy the intrigue everyone, and see you next Monday!

 Update for Monday, February 6.

 YES, that's right folks, MIH celebrates a triumphant return! After an unprecidented SIX MONTHS on hiatus, good ol' Conrad is sick of being a slack-off and finally put pencil to paper once more. I could never appologise enough for this, I know. That's why I'm updating today with TWO new pages, as well as a promise that from now on I will be updating once a week, every week, with two brand spankin' new pages. Though I suppose my promises aren't worth much these days, and I would fully understand if all my readers have left me for ever and ever. Still, for those faithful few who've been checking back now and again, stay tuned, for as these pages now reveal, the best is yet to come...